Back Office (B.O) Systems

CRM Back Office (CRMBO)
Our flagship system is secure, customizable, user-friendly and can adapt to multiple regulatory frameworks. It’s designed to address every aspect of your operation – Sales, Retention and Back Office (B.O) management.
Sales Platform Application (SPA)
Our proprietary Sales Platform Application (SPA) platform has been developed specifically to optimize sales workflows for enhanced business performance. It helps sales agents track their leads more efficiently,
Retention Platform Application (RPA)
Our Retention Platform Application (RPA) platform is tailor-made for enhancing customer engagement. It serves as a foundation for long-term partnerships, allowing retention agents to identify key patterns in their portfolios.
Client Portfolio Management (PLATON)
Our advanced system gives you both large-scale and in-depth views of your clients' accounts, enabling you to monitor all activities with a wide range of parameters. Get detailed analysis of trading patterns and investment behavior.

Business Intelligence (BI) Reporting

Our state-of-the-art reporting system is powered by SAS, one of the world leading data management software companies. It’s reports are designed to help agents and managers monitor and analyze their work accurately, improving results for better business performance. Key reports include:

  • Management – Allow senior staff to gain clear insights into major KPIs.
  • Back Office – Provide finance, support and verification departments with substantive data.
  • Risk and Dealing – Enable Dealing Desk and Risk managers to identify and limit risk.
  • Marketing – Arm your communication experts with optimization tools to drive revenue.
  • Sales and Retention – Enable front line teams to fully engage with their daily duties.

Partner Management

Partner Management System (CAMPUS)

Our system enables Online Trading firms to extend their business processes to work collaboratively with Introducing Brokers. Manage the partner, from initial on-boarding through setting up a pricing structure and generating customized activity reports for both parties. Sell more through your partners and lower costs.

  • Easily track and attribute activities to the correct partner.
  • In-depth analytics and flexible reports.
  • Multi-tier IB network support.
  • Advanced security technologies to keep your data protected.
  • Anti-fraud tools to control suspicious activities.

Marketing Automation Solutions

Our solutions allow brokers to build and maintain personal relationships with customers, resulting in enhanced brand engagement to maximize each client’s value. Using behavioral data from a wide variety of sources, you can generate automated campaigns that guide your clients’ online trading journey in real time. Advantages include:

  • Personalized Customer Journey – Tailor a specific, perfectly charted and impeccably timed journey for each trader.
  • Real Time Campaigns – Utilize the real-time communication center to respond to your customer’s actions on the spot.
  • Flexible Customer Clustering – Collect data from multiple sources and elastically cluster customer bases by more than 100 attributes.
  • Multi-Channel Communications – Send messages via social media, email, push notifications, in-app messaging and popups.
  • Actionable Insights – Stay on top of things with our unique analytics suite, complete with bespoke dashboards and reporting.